How to Install Nox App Player on PC and Laptops

Nox App Player is one of the famous names in many other popular emulators. While all the emulators possess and work on making their launcher better, Nox App Player has also not taken aback in doing that. It has offered great features to its users and tried to bring as much innovation as possible to make it stand out in the crowd of emulators. Additionally, it is also quite easy to Install Nox App Player for PC and Laptops.

Noxapp player site screen shot

When Nox App Player is downloaded to the computer, it creates two icons on the desktop; Nox App Player and Multi Drive. Nox App Player is the basic player that is needed to be used to play Android games on PC while with Multi Drive one can add contents from other emulators and play various games at the same time.

Nox App Player  has its toolbar on the right side of the screen; it offers many functions without the worry and effort to go to the settings.

Noxapp player toolbar

One can shake the screen, capture it and can also set keyboard controls of his own choice for the games. Keyboard control tab gives great options to the player; one can form custom key controls for APRG games and play with WASD keys.

Noxapp player keyboard control

The Gravity sensor is also available for the games like Temple Run and Subway Surfer. The purpose is to set custom keys on the key board to be able to control the game characters. Specific keys are presented in the keyboard control tab for shooting games which makes Nox App Player more attractive for game lovers.

There are specific keys available for voice recording and video recording along with home and back button. Nox App Player provides two types of control settings such as; keyboard mode or classic mode – it is up to the player to choose any one of them. In addition, there is a separate button for transferring data from Nox App Player to PC and vice versa.

A dedicated key for volume up and down control is made the part of the toolbar, in addition to the separate buttons to access computer and to add APK files.

Like any other emulator, Nox App Player also requires its user to connect Google account to the player to be able to use it. Once the Google account is set, one can access the Android Play store and download unlimited games to their PC.

Nox App Player is simple and easy to use; Follow the mentioned steps to Download & Install Nox App Player on PC and Laptops.

How to Install Nox App Player on PC and Laptops

System Requirements*:

  • Windows XP(32) SP3/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • AMD or Intel CPU (with Virtualization Technology support preferred)
  • At least 512MB RAM
  • GPU with OpenGL 2.0+ support
  • At least 1GB of free disk space under installation path and 300MB under system disk.

Step by step procedure to Install Nox App Player to your PC/laptop:

  • Make sure your internet connection is active and Install Install Nox App Player for PC and Laptop. for PC and Laptop.
  • Run the Nox App Player setup from the downloaded files.
  • Click on install after checking the terms and condition box.

Noxapp player installing

  • Click on start to open the player.

Noxapp player start

  • It will take a little while to open the player.

Noxapp player installation

  • Go to settings and add Google account under ‘Accounts’ option.

Noxapp player account setting

  • Go to search or open Android Play Store present in ‘Google’ folder.

Noxapp player home page

  • Search your game and download it for unlimited fun.

How to Install Android Apps/Games using Nox App Player

  • Install Nox App Player to your computer to install any game.
  • Go to the search option present on the top of the Nox App Player screen. It will directly take you to the play store.

Noxapp player search bar

  • You can also go to the Play store directly and search your required game.

Noxapp Player playstore search

  • Once the game is searched click on install and wait for it to be downloaded.
  • Your downloaded game will now appear on the home-screen of the Nox App Player.

Noxapp player installed game

  • Now open the game and play it non stop.

How to open APK files through Nox App Player:

  • Download APK file of your desired game.
  • Drag the APK file to Nox App Player and drop it there.
  • The file manager will appear, click on the APK file option.
  • The file will be installed to the Nox App Player.
  • You can also double click on the APK file on your computer and let Nox App Player automatically do all the work.
  • You can now play your downloaded game.

Installing Nox App Player is easy and quite beneficial for those who want to play games on their PC or Laptops or do not have android phones. in addition it is one of the best emulators and must have for game lovers.

(Note: the above mentioned Requirements are taken from BigNox App Player )*

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